How did your draft go? (2014)



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    How did your draft go? (2014)

    Post by TJ on Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:51 am

    Well.... ?

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    Re: How did your draft go? (2014)

    Post by splff3000 on Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:04 am

    Well, my fist 3 picks look like they were great. Maeweather is 85, Smith is 82, and Forrest is 80. Everything pretty much goes downhill after that lol. Tiatia is 76 ovr with nice stats but he has slow development. After him my picks are all over the place lol. I do like my late pick Marcus Wynne. He is a pretty low rated DT, put I'm gonna put him at DE and see what happens. His ratings say that he should be a DE.We'll see when we get him on the field.

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    Re: How did your draft go? (2014)

    Post by TJ on Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:26 am

    (Will update end of Preseason)

    1st Rnd

    MLB Ford (77ovr) - Took him 17th OVR and was more of a need versus best available. Didn't expect him to fall this far but TE Cage came off the board the pick right before and MLB being a huge need I grabbed him. He's a Quick developer but only my 2nd best MLB (which isn't saying much).

    TE Dam (85 ovr)- Took him with my 2nd 1st round pick, once again a needs pick. His size, speed, and receiving talent really intrigued me (6'6, 85spd, high receiving ratings outside 70's cth). He was tied with another TE at 2/3 on top of my board, and after having a TE selected each time before my first two picks, I grabbed him as a need over best available. He's a Superstar developer to boot.

    CB Golden (76ovr)- This pick has bust written all over it. Once again a needs pick after two CBs I really wanted were taken. Not a bad player, but not a 1st round talent. Picked him due to his physical and mental abilities, over his actually position abilities (hoping he was a top developer). As of now, he's maybe a nickle or dime cb.

    2nd Rnd

    WR Charles (64 ovr)- Got a trend going here, once again went for need over best available. Miami took a WR I liked right before me and my WR board was shrinking. Charles is a big target at 6'4, decent speed at 89 and a quality receiver outside of his route running and awareness.

    CB Richardson (72 ovr) - An intriguing pick and reach in the 2nd. His zone is sad (64), but high play rec and decent size and speed had me interested in him. Has potential.

    3rd Rnd

    WR Brian Bohanna (75 ovr) - Yung told me I picked a bust, taking a 1st round grade in the 3rd. But I had need at WR and lacked quality scouting on remaining WRs, so I took the chance. A short WR (5'11), Bohanna sports a cool name subpar catching abilities (good RR though). Not overly fast at 88spd, but has skills for run after the catch. Will be in contention with the other two rookie WRs for a roster spot.

    4th Rnd

    WR Israel Johnson (67 ovr) - Another late rounder I was high on and decided to draft him in the 4th. Last WR I had any solid scouting on and his high CIT (84) got him picked. Like Bohanna, he sports a cool name and subpar catching.

    5th Rnd

    MLB Rico Dubobe (71 ovr) - Cool name huh? Here's one of my best-name picks. Nothing really left to choose, I went after a guy with a cool name and may have found a quaility player. Has speed (89), solid tackler, and has great PRC and coverage ratings. Has shit for awareness which is on full display when he plays. Definitely a guy who will have to be usered on the field and a pick that could be something special down the road.

    6th Rnd

    P Je-Marc Gibbs (63 ovr) - Cool name award runner up. Didn't need a punter, but couldn't pass on his name. Actually a decent leg with low 80's KPW and KACC, but in Madden where big leg power reigns supreme, and having a rostered P with a huge leg already, Je-Marc is a nostalgic pick that will not see a full Preseason.

    Right now I give my draft a C+, has potential. Really drafted too much towards need and may have drafted too much depth over starters at the top of the draft.

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    Re: How did your draft go? (2014)

    Post by Kingofda334 on Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:41 pm

    Overall i feel my draft went fairly good

    1st Round

    LE Andrew Houston (84 ovr)-Coming into the draft i needed to fill the void of losing Greg Hardy who lead the team last year with 12 sacks so picking Houston was a no brainer. He got a 80 power move and 80 finesse move with 83 block shedding. He can get after guys with his 85 pursuit and when he do get to the carrier or QB he lays the wood with a 87 hit power rating. Throw in his SS development and you got a future star

    2nd Round

    WR Blake Hall (80 ovr)- Blake Hall a fellow Auburn WR was a decent 2nd round pick for me. He got good speed with a 92 speed rating and very agile with a 98 agility rating. His route running was the main reason i took him with a 85 route running rating. With a 92 ELU, 95 JKM, and 91 SPM he can give me some creativity on offense. Now here comes his downside. He needs work on his catching with a 76 catching and he isnt that great at holding on to passes while taking a hit with a 74 CIT rating. He got normal development but with a little TLC he can turn out to be a solid WR.

    3rd Round

    TE Timothy Skov (67 ovr)-With me having to let Olsen go i had to get a TE and Skov is nowhere near Olsen talent wise but he will do ok filling in. He was projected to go in the 1st and fell to the 3rd and i see why. He got decent speed for a TE at 82 speed and he is pretty strong too with 83 strength. He can catch with a 85 catch rating but a 45 route running rating really puts a damper on his effectiveness but if he can produce he might turn out to be ok.

    Later Rounds

    FS Kenan Sharp (71 ovr) 69 man, 73 zone, 82 prc, 81 press, 81 pur, 55 tak, 92 pow, 84 jmp, 78 catch, 90 speed, 89 acc, 90 agi

    DT Tyler Kelser (73 ovr) 87 str, 65 pwv, 65 fmv, 74 bsh, 82 tak, 74 speed, 77 agi,

    ROLB Daniel Calloway (61 ovr) 82 tak, 83 spd, 83 str

    CB Kenny Sanks (65 ovr) 67 man, 71 zone, 85 press, 93 speed

    P Allen Miles (68 ovr) 81 kpw, 74 kac

    i feel like i did get a few decent picks but really didnt get alot of gems

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    Re: How did your draft go? (2014)

    Post by Sinister on Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:02 pm

    Eagles draft

    1st Round

    Hb Lucious Defree 95 speed 82 acc 95 agility slow dev

    LOLB Griffin Ward 73 speed 85 pursuit 84 block shed ss dev. good lolb just bad speed


    TE Rashawn Davenport 85 speed decent skills low in release and blockin but workable with some love


    WR Desmine Mangro 89 speed 81 cit spec 87 he a redzone threat plus he's 6-5 and jumps 95


    SS Vincent Harvey 94 speed 84 zone rest stats need help possible convert to corner with all that speed and zone coverage


    LOLB Tyler Doolittle decent speed 83 prob won't make team


    MLB Russ Bronson 88 speed 81 tackle 83 hp 78 block shed .developmental player possible beast in the making..he's an unprojected player ..loved the name..Russ fuckin Bronson

    overall decent draft some disappointment with ratings but great additions to Eagles.

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    Re: How did your draft go? (2014)

    Post by Dolfinley on Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:31 pm

    I gotta get yalls cheat sheet, because outside of my first pick I feel my draft sucks a fat dick.

    I do have this third-round running back with 99 speed and 91 acceleration that could turn out to be a steal, but his 60 overall rating as of now kinda has me doubting that. The jury is still out.

    My first pick should be a good receiving threat and could develop into my No. 1 receiver over the next season or two. His stats are kinda average right now in the 80s, but he has SS development and some serious size. I'm hoping to get a Brandon Marshall type out of him.

    Also, I got a kicker. Yeah, write home about that. KICKER!!!

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    Re: How did your draft go? (2014)

    Post by Brownsfan23 on Mon Dec 24, 2012 5:01 pm

    Browns Draft

    2nd Round
    MLB Andre Gibson-66 OVR- 79 TAK, 85 SPD, 89 ACC, 85 PUR, 76 PRC, normal develop.
    WR Romonn Majors-76 OVR- 88CTH, 89 CIT, 95 SPC, 89 RLS, 96 JMP, 85 SPD, 80 ACC, 73 RTE, quick develop.

    3rd Round
    QB Ralph Hill-68 OVR- 93 THP, 76 SAC, 74 MAC, 79 DAC, 81 PAC, normal develop.
    CB Larry Dean-70 OVR- 63 MCV, 81 ZCV, 84 SPD, 90 ACC, 81 AWR, normal

    4th round
    DE Julian Shade-80 OVR, 86 PMV, 63 FMV, 85 BSH, 85 PUR, 85 PRC, 85 TAK, 69 SPD, 85 STR, 77 ACC, 75 AWR, superstar develop.

    5th round
    HB Daniel Rice-66 OVR, 86 STR, 96 TRK, 92 STF, 61 PSB
    WR Taylor Hymms-62 OVR, 81 CTH, 91 JMP, 95 SPD, 90 ACC

    7th round
    WR Kahlbuto Vargo- 66OVR, 78 CTH, 85 CIT, 78 RTE, 90 JMP, 84 SPD, 81 ACC, 95 ELU, 75 TRK
    WR Daven Husband- 64 OVR, 70 CTH, 81 SPC, 80 RTE, 79 RLS, 86 SPD, 87 ACC, 95 ELU, 82 JUK, 75 CAR

    Wanted to fill needs offensively as well as get some defensive players. Shade and Majors are the highlight of my draft, Shade adds to my dline and is versatile. Majors has #1 WR talent, just need to improve his RTE. Hills hopefully can be my QB of the future. Daniel Rice is my power back when needed, plus I finally have some decent WR depth on the cheap. Dean is ok, but probably will be a backup safety for me.

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    Re: How did your draft go? (2014)

    Post by Muckem on Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:59 pm

    The Cardinals traded most of this years draft away acquiring OLB Willie Burns, DE Bruce Irvin, and WR Deonte Thompson for 1st through 5th round selections. While two additional players could be on the roster without making these deals the trades are widely looked upon positively in Arizona.

    Irvin who was acquired mid-season came in and made a splash with 13 sacks in the regular season, and was an absolute beast in the super bowl with 4 sacks. Willie Burns adds another speed pass rusher which was an area of concern for the Cardinals, though a preseason injury will have him on the sidelines until week 2 of the regular season.

    Deonte Thompson addressed another area of need for the Cardinals with a deep threat WR. Larry Fitzgerald's conditioning has seen an improvement in his speed over the last two seasons up to 93 from 89, but Thompson's 97 speed is really the type of threat the coaching staff was looking for.

    So it looked as though the Cardinals would be on the sidelines of the draft until the late 6th round. However about an hour before the draft the Cardinals were able to strike a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals to acquire the 16th overall pick in exchange for next years 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. A steep price to pay, but coming off back to back Superbowl appearances the Cardinals jumped at the opportunity to acquire a mid first round pick.

    For the time being the Cards are thrilled with the trade, able to draft the 4th rated player on their board with the 16th selection, Ruckus Cage of Rutgers University. Cage was highly criticized for some drops that had occurred throughout his college career at some inopportune times, including a potential game winning TD drop in Cage's final collegiate game.

    Looking past his potential faults the Cards feel like they have acquired Gronk 2.0 in Cage, an absolute beast at TE at 6'7 89 spd, 87 ACC, 94 jump, 90 spec catch, and is even impressive in the run game with 84 IBL and 78 RBK. After developing Cage's 70 catch rating the Cards look to have the steal of the first round.

    6th round an absolute miss on a defensive tackle prospect who will be one of the first cuts of training camp.

    Finally the Cards wrapped the draft up with the final selection of the 2014 Grinders draft selecting Mr. Irrelevant Quinton Hill WR out of Hawaii University. Hill isn't the type of receiver that will take the top off the defense ala Randy Moss, but provides a very serviceable redzone threat at 6'4 with ratings of 88 CIT, 89 SPC, 87 RLS, and 98 JMP.

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    Re: How did your draft go? (2014)

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