Scouting reports on Killwill008(Purdue)



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    Scouting reports on Killwill008(Purdue)

    Post by dipsh on Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:47 am

    Put scouting reports on your opponents in here. No back and forth just scouting reports.


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    Re: Scouting reports on Killwill008(Purdue)

    Post by citylimit10 on Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:59 pm

    Offense- I don't think he was under center the entire game, always in shotgun or pistol formations. He liked to run out of spread formations, often stretching the play to the sideline. Watch out for the option read. He looked for it early with some success but was manageable by keying on his QB. He could never get into rhythm with his passing game and took some chances that ended up hurting him with INT's. It did feel like if he could have connected on some early passes that he could have broken the game open and I honestly expected it to happen at any moment throughout the game.

    Defense- He showed blitz on most plays defensively but mixed it up well. He would bring guys up to show blitz and then jump into coverage or he'd crash the line to stuff the run. I ran heavy early so he ended up loading the box. He would try to read where the run was going and was successful most of the time. I caught him over pursuing a few times but never really broke any big runs. Later in the game I was able to attack with intermediate passing routes but rarely anything deep. His aggressive style opened space behind his LB's for a few quick dump off passes and I was also able to hit him with couple screens.

    Overall I think killwill is a solid player and I benefited from a lot of lucky breaks. I feel like I got away with some risky passes whereas he did not. His offense has the potential to be explosive and his defense is aggressive. I felt my best defense against him was a ball control offense to limit his opportunities on offense.


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    Re: Scouting reports on Killwill008(Purdue)

    Post by SOUTH02 on Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:42 am

    Offense- he was running the pistol and shotgun formations the whole game. He runs the ball the the entire game and sometimes he passes the ball. Sometimes he does some options plays. He mostly runs with his QB and RB. That's really it.

    Defense- honestly I was really looking at his defensive because I was trying to think how to stop his offense but he show a lot of blitzes on me. He got 3 pick because I was just fustrated the whole cuz my d sucks ass. But One pick in the second quarter change the game.


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    Re: Scouting reports on Killwill008(Purdue)

    Post by IUcookie on Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:44 pm

    offense- ran a pistol formation and tried to establish his running game by running the option. His QB Rob Henry was breaking tackles left and right on me even though I had my tackling on conservative. Once you stop his running game he starts to pass and I had success running just basic man coverage vs him.

    defense- If you run the read option, his DE is always gonna stay, ALWAYS. Ran zone defense 98% of the game. Didn't see any blitzes or anything like that. Just basic zone defense. His star CB Ricardo Allen had a crazy interception (to me it was unreal) so it's hard to throw over on his side.

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    Re: Scouting reports on Killwill008(Purdue)

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