Rules/Memberlist (contact info)


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    Rules/Memberlist (contact info)

    Post by urbanslegend05 on Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:04 pm

    Welcome back to Rivals 2012. Rivals enters its third year with many of the same guys that have been with us since year one. For anyone that may join this or any other dynasty on this site, welcome and I look forward to you learning of the best damn online dynasty in the world.....

    2012 Membelist/contact info

    Florida - Urbanslegend - 9048614163
    Florida State- Getonmylevelho - 9043076186
    Auburn - Yung - 3346898063
    Kansas - Hawk - 620-363-0463
    Georgia - Stoptherun - Contact me for info
    Oklahoma - liqourbox - 7248757405
    Texas - Sinister - 7248822465
    Penn State - Jaredlib - 3038548534
    LSU - JoeyJ - 5869911343
    Virginia Tech - Errig - 8563640605
    WVU - DDaugherty - 3046251787


    As always I'm not going to overload anyone with rules, but we're going to have a few things more this year.

    Recruiting Rules
    As always rivals will function with the 70 + 3 rule. This means you can sign up to 73 players. You are allowed to sign an 8 5* athletes. We are all starting with prestigious teams, so there's no excuses this year. If you go over the number of recruits or 5* limits, you will lose your top rated recruit. For every player you go over, you cut your next best recruit.

    Changing Teams
    If a user wants to change a team he must go down one star in prestige.

    In-game rules
    4-th down rule
    This was one of the most discussed last year, so here's the set in stone rules.

    1-st half fourth down rules:
    You may only go for it if you are past your opponents 45 and it is fourth and 3 or less. If you're in between puntin and a field goal situation, you may go for it.

    2-nd half fourth down rules:
    In the second half you may go for it past your opponents 50 anytime if it's 4-th and 5 or less. If you're down 21 or more, you may go for it at any time in the fourth quarter.

    Fake punting is never considered 'going for it', however, fake punts now have their own rules.

    You are allowed 2 fakes in user games per season. This includes conference championship games and bowl games. We will record if a user does a fake in scouting reports. You may only use one fake per game.

    Do not constantly run the same play over and over.

    Do not abuse a running QB. For example, don't continually call four verticals and take off running.

    More rules may be added before any season, but rules will never change in the middle of a season unless 2/3 of the users accept it in a vote.


    Scouting Reports/Game Recaps
    At the end of any user game, a scouting report or game recap is required. You, as the user, have the choice. You can do both, but one must be done.

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    Re: Rules/Memberlist (contact info)

    Post by Errig on Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:37 pm

    Rules sound good, i have read them

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    Re: Rules/Memberlist (contact info)

    Post by stoptherun on Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:47 pm

    the 4th down rule is weird to me but i've read the rules and I'm ready for week 1.


    Re: Rules/Memberlist (contact info)

    Post by Guest on Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:18 pm

    good to go

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    Re: Rules/Memberlist (contact info)

    Post by Muckem on Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:31 pm


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    Re: Rules/Memberlist (contact info)

    Post by getonmylevelho on Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:05 pm

    Florida State accepts.

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    Re: Rules/Memberlist (contact info)

    Post by Sinister on Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:27 pm

    i read them

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    Re: Rules/Memberlist (contact info)

    Post by Jaredlib on Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:30 pm

    I dont accept, you mfer

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    Re: Rules/Memberlist (contact info)

    Post by liqourbox10 on Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:44 pm

    I accept

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    Re: Rules/Memberlist (contact info)

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