JBrax1122 (Arizona St.)


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    JBrax1122 (Arizona St.)

    Post by dipsh on Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:16 pm

    Post scouting reports on this player in this thread. No trash talk. No responses. Just scouting reports. Any non scouting posts will be deleted.

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    Re: JBrax1122 (Arizona St.)

    Post by virus2450 on Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:36 pm

    After playing this game.. i can say he plays this game different then the other games... defenses is this guys savior... cant really say what he does, so imma call it slot machine defense... pretty much random but at the same time can still hurt your offense, i'd say zone was most effective because it was hard to find the holes, especially when game is tight and you dont have time to gamble. What cost me the game was two picks at the end so when it come to defense i hope ur offensivley prepared. The man runs a one back offense but still passes out of it he also runs a 3-4 defense to utilize speed to keep up with TE and WR. offense is pretty balanced but seemed to have more effect against me on the pass, so DB seemed to be getting exposed. hoped this helped, Good luck

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    Re: JBrax1122 (Arizona St.)

    Post by PalmettoTiger on Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:38 pm

    Good luck beating him I'll start with that. Dude is on a different skill level than me that's for sure. Defense is more solid than your dong when you were 16.

    His back will get 100 yards on you. Mixes up run and pass well. Hit a few screens on me. Didn't go deep a ton, but will go deep if you press him. Runs were all over, middle, outside tackles. Will call lots of adjustments at the line and react to what you do. Will hit quick passes off the line of scrimmage for instant yards.

    Couldn't really get a feel for it, but after I kept turning the ball over I quit caring. My QB didn't have a lot of time to throw. Blitzes often and quickly. Will play man and zone coverages, felt more zonish, but he will bump the coverage up and send them back so I couldn't tell. Plays over the middle worked with some regularity, but I had difficulty with moving the ball in general. Felt like running was easier than throwing, but again it's a bend don't break type of thing. He's good, but his players didn't seem that way. Lots of broken tackles, seemingly weak line that needed to be countered with adjustments. Dude just knows the game and will rip your asshole open if you dick around. Stick to what you know.

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    Re: JBrax1122 (Arizona St.)

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