The Rules


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    The Rules

    Post by splff3000 on Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:04 pm

    Grinders 13 Online Connected Career

    Please post in this thread that you've read this when you're done:

    - Commissioner

    - KThug09/GenoP

    - Co-Commissioners


    - Tmjohns


    - Game Skill Level - All Madden

    - Quarter Length - 8 minutes

    - Accelerated Clock - 20 seconds

    - Sliders

    User - Category - CPU
    20 - QB Accuracy - 65
    35 - Pass Blocking - 75
    45 - WR Catching - 55
    50 - Broken Tackles - 70
    45 - Run Blocking - 85
    50 - Fumbles - 50
    50 - Reaction(pass) - 25
    50 - Interceptions - 50
    25 - Pass rush - 62
    50 - Reaction (rush) - 70
    50 - Block Shedding - 80
    50 - Tackling - 90

    Injuries - 52
    Fatigue - 55
    Threshold - 35

    Offsides - 100
    False Start - 50
    Holding - 55
    Facemask - 55
    Offensive PI - 100
    Defensive PI - 100
    KR/PR Interference - 100
    Clipping - 53
    Intentional Grounding - 100
    Roughing the Passer - 54
    Roughing the Kicker - 100

    FG Power - 50
    FG Accuracy - 45
    Punt Power - 50
    Punt Accuracy - 45
    Kickoff Power - 51

    - If tmjohns18 is a douchebag (up to my discretion) he loses his 1st round pick. 2nd offense and he's booted.

    - This is a coach only league.

    - Created coaches are allowed, but game face is not. This is because of a known issue with game face that can cause freezing.

    - Quitting will not be tolerated at all. If someone quits during a user game, he will be removed from the CC. Period. As frustrating as a loss may be, quitting a game is not an option in this CC.

    NOTE: If the game is lagging and you don't want to play it at that time, you can arrange with your opponent to quit that game and play it at a later time. This has to be done within the first few series of the game. Once you're out of the first quarter, there is no quitting allowed, unless you both agree to it and this is only for lag. Not only is quitting poor sportsmanship, it messes up the stats for that game for the other user. Since progression is based on meeting goals, this can really mess things up for the other user. Also, anyone that quits after halftime will automatically be given a loss by the game. DON'T QUIT!!!

    - I reserve the right to replace anyone at anytime, but most likely I would never replace anyone by myself and I will usually ask the group first. I will also usually give the user a chance to defend himself before being replaced. We will be implementing the 24hr rule ie we will wait at least 24hr's before voting to replace someone.


    - A max of 3 days will be allowed for each week's user game to be played.

    - A max of 2 days will be allowed for each week's cpu games to be played.

    - If 2 owners haven't scheduled their game within 2 days, it will be simmed.

    - If a user game will not be played before the scheduling deadline, a scheduled time MUST be posted in the scheduling thread before the scheduling deadline or your game will be subject to being simmed if all other games are done.

    - An exception will be made if the owners can agree on a time on the 4th day.


    - If 1 owner has tried to schedule a game, but the opposing owner isn't responding, the opposing owner will be put on auto-pilot until he responds so the other owner can play against the cpu.

    - If an owner doesn't respond within 3 advances after being put on auto-pilot, he will be dropped.

    - Notify the league when you're gonna be away on vacation or business or whatever. Also, a friendly heads up, if you decide to quit, would go a long way. We have no idea what's going on with you if you don' let us know.

    - If you have scheduled a time to play someone, you have at least 30min to show up or let them know your not gonna show up. If we don't hear from you, you will go on auto-pilot and your opponent will play the cpu. Everyone's time is valuable and I know I don't want to be sitting around waiting for someone to show up just to have them not show. No one else should have to either. If your opponent wants to give you more time than the 30min then that's cool, but you have at least 30min to show up or let someone know that you're not gonna make it.

    - A highly advise all users to check in the General Discussion thread at least once a day if not more. I post all updates and changes in that thread.

    - Communication is the key to success. As long as we are communicating with each other, there should be little to no misunderstandings.


    - Posting on the boards. It is encouraged for all to post on the boards. It is not mandatory to make regular posts, but it is highly encouraged. If anything, you should, at least, be checking the boards often. This goes for the boards here AND the Grinders boards at Operaation Sports. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT EVERY OWNER IS ACTIVE WHEN IT COMES THIS!!!

    - Game writeups/ recaps are NOT mandatory but are highly encouraged, especially for close games.

    - Most of the games will be against users, but occasionally you may have a CPU game. If and when you have a CPU game, you may NOT supersim one side of the ball and play the other. The supersim engine does not work properly and barely any time elapses in the simmed possession. This creates absurd stats for the side of the ball that you do play.

    - You can control any player you want at anytime on offense and defense, but, before the snap, you may only move the player that you control.

    - You cannot zigzag, run in circles, or move back and forth before the snap. This confuses the O-line AI and allows people to come free alot.

    - Hurry up in this game is not modeled well and so will be only allowed for regular use within two minutes of either half or when trailing by a lot (18+) in the second half or (10+ in the 4th). If you run hurry up more than twice in a row or more than 5 times in a game when it is not permitted for regular use, you will be penalized.

    - Please don't run up the score ie kicking a field goal with 3 seconds left with a 21 point lead. I will be looking at this very hard this year and anyone caught running up the score will be dealt severe penalties.

    - Punt on 4th down unless: 4th and 1 or less on or across your own 40; across or on the opponents 45; down by alot(17 points or more) in the 2nd half; or down by multiple TD's in the 4th; or you are down and it is under 3 minutes left in the game.

    - You are allowed 2 fake punts/fg's per season. That's 2 total, not 2 each. Users must communicate if their opponent has done this so we can keep track.

    - On FG's and PAT's, you are not allowed to control the 2 outside rushers on either side or manually move someone to the edge.

    - You can not run out the back of the endzone before you catch the ball on kickoffs.

    - You can not manually move any of the up men back to block on punt and kick returns.

    - If it is determined you are stat padding, you will have to sit the offending stat producers for your next game.

    - If it is determined that you are tanking (purposefully losing in order to receive a higher draft pick) you will forfeit your third round pick (or 2nd if you don't have one); a second offense and you are banned from the league.

    NOTE: Both of these previous rules are judgement calls on my part and you can appeal my decision to the former commissioner splff3000 if you so desire.


    - This year, if a game disconnects in the 2nd half, the user that caused the disconnect automatically get a loss from the game. I can not go back and erase the score. There is a workaround tho. If the user that's still online turns off his PS3 before leaving the game, the score and stats won't save. Here are the options we have going forward regarding that:

    - If the user that's winning causes the d/c, his opponent MUST do the workaround.

    - If the user that's losing causes the d/c, his opponent MUST discuss whether to keep the stats and score or do the workaround with him.

    - If there is any question about whether to do the workaround or not, text me or dolfinley.

    - If one user keeps disconnecting, the users can agree to play at a later time (within the advance window) or the user that's causing the d/c will go on auto-pilot(if it's towards the end of the advance window).

    - If both users are experiencing problems connecting, then the game will be simmed.


    - There is no user to cpu trading. If the cpu trades with another cpu team that is ok.

    - User to user trades have a limit of 3 per season. This includes the offseason as well.*

    - During the offseason and draft, draft picks may be exchanged between users without it counting against their trade limit. However, if any player is involved in the trade, it will count against the limit.

    - Unused user trades can rollover to the next season for a max of 5 trades.

    Note: The new season starts right after we advance past the Super Bowl.

    - The Trade Deadline is week 8 of each season.

    - Offseason trades may be submitted for trade committee approval once we are in the resigning players stage.

    - Any part of a trade that's not listed in the trade proposal will not be honored or enforced by the commissioner.

    - Any trade that has been approved by the trade committee cannot be backed out of.

    - All trades will be voted on by a 5 user trade committee. These users will be ensuring that a user is not crippling a team for the future just to leave.*

    - During the draft, due to time restraints, any and all trades must be approved by the commissioner.

    Note: The 5 members of the trade committee are: Urbs(dolfinley), splff, tmjohns18, Shock, jhawk886 (Alternate is Kingofda334). No member of the trade committee may vote on his own trade.

    - If a member quits or is booted before the trade is completed, the trade will be voided.

    - If a player is traded, the team that traded him can not put in a waiver claim for him for one year. The team can, however, pick him back up if he clears waivers.

    - New users cannot trade for 4 weeks or until the end of the season, whichever happens first.

    How will trades work:

    - A user will make an offer to another user in the trade block and if that user accepts, the user makes a thread giving the details of the trade and we vote on it.

    - If/when the trade is approved, it will be posted in the "Transactions(Trades)" thread.

    - At this point, the trade can be done on the console for both teams.

    Note: Waiver wire pickups can not be traded until the offseason.

    Free Agents

    - We will have a 1 day long(real life) FA bidding period at the beginning of the CC. I will make an announcement when it will be starting.

    - Please post all team additions and drops in the "Transactions(Free Agents)" thread.

    - During the playoffs, ONLY teams currently in the playoffs may add/drop players.

    The Waiver Wire:

    - During the season, when you decide that you want to drop someone, you need to post in the "Transactions(Free Agents)" thread that you dropped them.

    Note: There is no need to wait 24 hours before dropping someone anymore. Just post in the "Transactions(Free Agents)" thread right before/after you drop someone.

    - At that time, users can put in a claim for that player ie just post in the waiver wire thread that you want to pick that player up after he is dropped. All claims must be in before the 24 hour mark. Please only post claims in the waiver wire thread and not the "Transactions(Free Agents)" thread.

    - Of the people that put in a claim for the player, the person highest on the waiver order will win the claim and, for 24 hours, is the only person that can pick him up. This means that if you win the claim for a player, you have 24 hours to pick him up. After that, the dropped player is fair game to be signed by whoever signs him first.

    - If you drop a player, if he is cut anytime within that season that he was dropped in, you may not claim him off of waivers.

    - Any player that was picked up through waiver claims may not be resigned at the end of the season. He must be allowed to go through free agency.

    - The waiver wire order is determined from the draft order for the first 3 weeks of each season. After that, it is determined by current win/loss record.

    Note: Waiver wire pickups can not be traded until the offseason.

    Note: Drops during the offseason will need to be posted, but all will go through the FA bidding period. Any player who does not accept a contract during the FA period, will be on waivers to start the preseason.


    There are 2 types of infractions: On field and Off field.

    The on field infractions are any rules violations that take place DURING a game and the off field infractions are any rules violations that take place OUTSIDE of a game.

    On field infraction Example: Going for it on 4th down in your own territory.

    Off field infraction Example: Signing a recently dropped player without going through the waiver wire.

    On field Infraction penalties:

    1st infraction - Sit 2 highest rated skilled players (QB, WR, RB, CB, LB, S) for your next user game.

    2nd infraction - Auto-pilot your next user game

    3rd infraction - Removed from the league

    Off field Infraction

    1st infraction - Lose 3rd round pick

    2nd infraction - Lose 2nd round pick

    3rd infraction - Lose 1st round pick

    - If the specified draft pick isn't available, the next highest pick will be used.

    Important Info

    League Name: Grinders
    Password: Ask Urb, Joker or Tmjohns after a tryout

    Link to the CC website:

    Please post in this thread that you've read this.

    I would like this thread to have nothing but the posts from people saying they read this so if you have any questions or comments regarding the rules please post them in the discussion thread.

    After you have signed in this thread you can join the CC.

    If you sign into the CC before signing that you've read these rules, you will be booted until you sign into this thread.

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    Re: The Rules

    Post by Muckem on Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:10 pm

    Sounds good.

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    Re: The Rules

    Post by Marco_SNAPS_55 on Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:11 pm

    I've read n I'm ready bro

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    Re: The Rules

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    Re: The Rules

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    Re: The Rules

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    Re: The Rules

    Post by Joker12 on Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:33 pm

    Good...fuck you jhawk for stealing Ballard while I was out.

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    Re: The Rules

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    these rules ARE legit.

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    Re: The Rules

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    Re: The Rules

    Post by Hardee on Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:52 pm

    Read and agree

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    Re: The Rules

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    Re: The Rules

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    read this shit yo


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    Re: The Rules

    Post by chuckjones112 on Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:59 am

    ravens read and understood


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    Re: The Rules

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    Re: The Rules

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    packers read and are clear


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    Re: The Rules

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    Re: The Rules

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    NFC Beast is set to go

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    Re: The Rules

    Post by Dolfinley on Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:04 pm

    Ready to break some of these mfers

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    Re: The Rules

    Post by dclark44 on Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:48 pm

    good to go

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    Re: The Rules

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    read and agreed

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    Re: The Rules

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    Re: The Rules

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    Re: The Rules

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    Re: The Rules

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    Re: The Rules

    Post by da5playmaker on Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:19 pm

    I suggest we turn off Accelerated clock till it's fixed. Guys that are playing the CPU will be effected with it and it turns the games into 5 minute quarters, while guys playing human will not have it effecting them.

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    Re: The Rules

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